Everyone loves Judge Dredd (and if they don't, well, they're wrong). And everyone wants to be a Judge... You can buy a real Judge Dredd badge from Termight Replicas, but if you wanted a Judge badge with your own name on it, you were out of luck. Until now...

How to Use Badger:

  1. Click the text to the right of "Judge Name:" (your mouse pointer will change from an arrow to a large I when you're in the right area).

  2. Delete the name that's already there, and enter your desired name.

  3. Flash (the program in which Badger is written) doesn't allow images to be saved, so to capture the screen you'll need to do the following:

    • On a PC, press Alt-PrtScn. This will copy the current window into the PC's clipboard. You'll need to paste this into a paint program then crop it to size before saving it.

    • On a Mac, press Shift+Command+4. The cursor should now look like a cross-hair. Select the area you want to capture by dragging your mouse across the area you want to copy. As soon as you release the mouse click - it copies the image to your computer as a screenshot, usually to your desktop. (Many thanks to Ruth Elliott for the Mac instructions!)


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Ver. Date Details
0.232011-04-14 Vastly improved appearance of lettering with new font and new rendering method! (Name now actually looks like it's part of the badge!)
0.222010-12-27 Added a toggle to display (part of) the badge chain.
Updated the 2000 AD logo to the current version.
0.212010-07-25 Letters now anti-aliased (that is, the jagged lines are much less noticeable).
Rewrote the letter darkening algorithm; now matches the badge a lot closer.
0.202010-07-24 Added letter kerning, which makes everything fit together quite nicely.
Name now darkens on the right side to match the badge.
0.142010-07-23 Embedded letter images into program; removes need to load separate file, which makes the whole thing smaller and faster.
0.132010-07-23 Display code rewritten: now about four times as fast and a little more accurate!
0.122010-07-22 Re-rendered shield.
Background colour now selectable: black or white!
0.112010-07-22 Added option to adjust letter spacing.
0.102010-07-21 First release.