Name Generator

Mike's Name Generator randomly generates ten names from a list of first names and last names... There's over 130 million possible combinations, which should be enough for most writers' needs. But if the "Middle names" option is selected, that brings the number of combinations to over 650 billion. If that's not enough, then you're on your own.

If none of the ten generated names rings your bell, simply click on the "Make More Names!" button to generate a new list of ten. If you see a name you like, click its "Copy" button to copy it into the computer's clipboard (from where it can then be pasted into your chosen word-processor). If you happen to like all the names, simply click the "Copy All" button.

Ver. Date Details
1.10 2012-05-07 Greatly expanded the name lists! (And changed the background photo: I was getting tired of the old one!)
1.03 2011-01-18 Added a "Previous 10" button (I don't know about you, but I keep spotting good names just as I click the "Make More Names" button).
1.02 2009-09-27 Converted the program to Flash - no more need for downloading and installation, plus it now works on non-Windows computers! (As long as they have Flash installed)
1.01 2009-08-17 Fixed a minor bug that prevented the filtering of names that have upper-case characters after the first letter (thanks to my old school pal Jerry McCrohan for spotting that one!).
For speed and efficiency the name lists are now embedded in the program.
1.00 2009-07-09 First release.

If you like this program and find it useful, don't worry - you don't have to pay me anything! But if you're feeling generous then please buy one of my books to demonstrate your gratitude. Feel free to recommend Mike's Name Generator to everyone you've ever met, or even only heard of!