2001 12 17 A treat for fans who weren't able to make it to Octocon this year: Paul's transcribed his interview with Harry from the convention, which you may find by clicking here.


2001 11 22 Shock! Horror! Surprise! Etc!
Is there anyone out there who knew that Harry's classic short story "The Streets of Ashkelon" was adapted into a comic strip by none other than legendary artist Brian Bolland? I certainly didn't know, until a couple of weeks ago when I saw the magazine containing the story for sale on eBay.
The Comics chapter has been updated appropriately.


2001 10 16 We're currently recovering from Octocon 2001 where an excellent time was had by all. Harry spoke on several panels, all extremely well attended. For a panel dedicated to Harry's 50-year career as an SF author, Harry was interviewed by Paul Tomlinson, author of Harry's forthcoming bibliography and most of this website (except this bit). Paul also conducted a number of private interviews with Harry, which will shortly be appearing on this site.
I'll write up a full report in the next day or so, but in the meantime, here is some news: Mel Gibson's production company has renewed their option for the rights to make a movie based on The Technicolor Time Machine. A screenplay for the movie has already been written by legendary Hollywood scribe Marshall Brickman.


2001 10 03 Your humble webmasters will be at Octocon 2001 (see above) to chat to Harry and get all the latest news - expect a full report shortly afterwards.


2001 10 02 We've just added a new chapter: At the Movies, which includes a 1969 article by Harry on the future of SF movies, his introduction to John Brosnan's book Future Tense, a transcript of a panel from the 1987 WorldCon, and more!


2001 08 30 Thanks to Esperanto teacher Oleg Izyumenko, it's now possible to view the special Esperanto characters in the Esperanto at a Glance page without the need to download and install any special fonts!


2001 08 03 We've just joined the BOOKSAMILLION.COM program. As with the Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk programs, if you visit those sites by clicking through the links on this site, they'll pay us a few pennies (or cents) for everything you buy. If you haven't visited BooksAMillion.com yet, do so now! It's a great site with a lot of books and some superb discounts!


2001 07 24 Okay, folks... We've now updated the translation pages. Keen observers will notice that the format has changed: Translations are no longer listed by country, but by language, which should make things a lot easier for tracking down those elusive editions...

This means that the system update is complete... Hooray! Your humble webmaster is now going for a lie down...


2001 07 21 As promised a few days ago, I've completed the updates to the bibliographical data... Including complete (as far as we know) publication histories and details of reviews. Enjoy!

That said, there are still a few sections of the website that require further updating, notably the translations pages...


2001 07 19 Updated some more bibliographical info - publication histories for all of the books and short stories are up to date. The reviews will be updated shortly. Also, changed the Biography pages to reflect the new style.

And not only that, we've just added a brand new chapter: Esperanto!


2001 07 15 As promised many moons ago, we've given the bibliographical pages a complete overhaul. One of the most important changes is that we've merged all of the book-related chapters with their appropriate biblio pages. Note: the update process is not yet 100% complete: all of the framework is there, but some of the data has yet to be updated. This will happen over the next week or so.


2001 07 04 Just a quick note: the Bookplates are now sold out! Many thanks to everyone who bought them: your money goes towards keeping this website on-line!


2001 06 18 We've just received the cover for the forthcoming third and final volume in the Stars and Stripes trilogy...

2001 06 11 IBooks released their edition of Bill, the Galactic Hero on June 1st. Paperback, 192 pages, ISBN 0743423763. Buy from Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk.


2001 06 08 The Site Map has been given a complete overhaul... It should now be a lot easier to navigate!


2001 06 07 Remember those elusive forthcoming chapters I mentioned yesterday? Well, one of them isn't forthcoming any more - it's here! Yes, all you fans of Star Smashers of the Galaxy Rangers - especially Brian - are in luck!


2001 06 06 In addition to our cool new front page, we've just added a basic chapter listing all the known cover artists in our database. There are, sadly, many covers for which we don't know the name of the artist: if you can supply information on any of these, we'd be very grateful! Click here for the Cover Artists chapter.

On the same note, a few astute fans have noticed that many of our chapters have been listed as "coming soon" for quite some time now. Rest assured that they are indeed forthcoming - unfortunately other work on the site generally takes priority. But we are working on the chapters. Promise.


2001 05 17 IBooks will be releasing their reprint of Return to Eden on June 1st 2001.

Click here to pre-order the book from Amazon.com, or here to pre-order from Amazon.co.uk.


2001 05 15 It's taking us longer to put together the chapter on Harry's comics work than we'd anticipated, so we've decided to go ahead with what we do have: Click here to see the chapter as it stands. We'll add the remaining parts as they are completed.


2001 05 11 From Luci Faire: The Sci Fi Channel will air Soylent Green on Saturday May 26 3:00 PM EST.


2001 05 11 Remember the "Worst Cover Ever" in our A Transatlantic Tunnel, Hurrah! chapter? Well, we've received a very plausible explanation for some of the odder bits from Andy... Worth checking out (and if anyone has any other thoughts, feel free to send them along).


2001 03 30 50 in 50 will be the definitive collection of Harry Harrison's short stories; 50 stories for a 50-year career (hence the title). "But," I imagine that I hear you ask, "exactly which stories will be included in the book?"

The contents of the book have not yet been confirmed, but here's the most recent information that we have. Each of the book's nine sections features a new introduction by Harry.

2001 03 21 50 in 50 - cover now available! On the right you can see the superb cover image for Harry's forthcoming collection.

As mentioned below, the book is available for pre-ordering from Amazon.com: click here.

Non-US fans will be pleased to know that it's also now available for pre-ordering from Amazon.co.uk: click here.


2001 03 07 We're back! Apologies to anyone who has had difficulties accessing this site in recent weeks: our ISP had a few problems. We don't anticipate any more problems, because we're now with a different ISP. In fact, we're now using the same location we had for the mirror site: this means that we need to find somewhere else to host a mirror site. But that's for the future... Right now, we're just glad to be back!


2001 03 06 From your bibliographer Paul Tomlinson:
Here's an update on the new short story collection and 'West of Eden' reprints, plus a couple of other goodies for later in the year:

50 in 50 - A Collection Of Short Stories, One For Each Of Fifty Years, is due for publication June 2001. Publisher is Tor Books, and the ISBN is 0-312-87789-7. Amazon.com now has it listed: published price is $29.95, with a 20% discount from Amazon. Don't forget to order it via the link on our website if you're going to buy it! The money we make from this is used to pay for the domain name registration etc. that keeps the site online, so it's in a good cause.

Winter in Eden. iBooks have re-released this in trade paperback, matching their recent reprint of West of Eden. ISBN: 0-7434-1291-5. Published price is $16.00, again with a 20% discount from Amazon.com . Amazon.co.uk also have this book listed at 9.99 with a 2p discount! (That's a little over 3 cents...)

Later in the year we should be seeing a new Stainless Steel Rat omnibus, containing - I think - A Stainless Steel Rat is Born, The Stainless Steel Rat Gets Drafted and The Stainless Steel Rat Sings the Blues. No publication details yet, but we'll let you know as soon as we hear something.

Finally, Cosmos Books are releasing something called Harry Harrison: An Annotated Bibliography, by some guy called Paul Tomlinson. Again, more details on this when we have them. [Actually, I know quite a lot of details about it, but not the publication date as yet...]


2001 03 05 Well, darn it all to heck (and back)! Just when we're about to finish off the brand new look to the website, the site goes dead! Right now, we're hoping that everyone can find the mirror site - if you're reading this, then either you've found the mirror site or we're back up and running at the original site. Or - and this seems to be the most likely - we've changed locations.
Apologies for any inconvenience caused - we don't know what exactly happened with the ISP (can't e-mail them to find out, you see) but we've heard from quite a few fans that they regularly have trouble accessing the site, so it looks like a move will be the best thing for all concerned.
Anyway, the upshot of this upheaval is that we can't risk uploading too many updates right now.

However, by way of compensation, we do have one new feature: Harry's extremely rare short story "Luncheon in Budapest". Click here for the story, and the story behind the story. This story comes to you thanks to the great Sam J. Lundwall!


2001 01 16 A special treat for all you lovely people... We're proud to present "The Curse of the Unborn Living Dead" - Harry's only drabble! The story was originally published in The Drabble Project in 1988, and has never been reprinted. For the uninitiated, a drabble is a short story of exactly one hundred words, plus up to fifteen words for the title. Hyphenated words may or may not count as one word, depending on whom you ask.


2001 01 08 To tide you over while you're waiting for the new-look to the website, we've added a chapter on A Transatlantic Tunnel, Hurrah!. It includes an article by Harry on alternative-world stories, a review by Auberon Waugh, and the first two chapters of the novel. Plus, a mini-featurette on a most interesting cover...
Eagle-eyed viewers will notice that this new chapter is looking a little basic - there are no fancy graphics or wonderful design. This is mainly because all of our creative efforts are going into the redesign of the website... More news on that as it happens!

P.S. - You may also have noticed that we've decided to amalgamate the "News" and "What's New" pages - hence the lack of the latter. This decision was made at top management levels and is designed to enhance your browsing pleasure whilst maximising the use of the web to its fullmost capabilities. So there.


2001 01 02 Finally, yours truly has managed to get a copy of the third (and last) issue of the Topps comic book adaptation of Bill, the Galactic Hero. I've updated the Comic Book Adaptations chapter appropriately. And speaking of comic books, we're currently in the process of adding a major chapter that will contain a (hopefully) complete list of comic books and strips on which Harry worked as an artist or writer, plus a detailled list of Harry's daily and weekly Flash Gordon strips - over ten years' worth! The last few details are being ironed out and we hope to have the chapter on-line very soon.

(Note: we're very interested in obtaining cover scans of any comics books in which Harry's stories appeared - please let us know if you can help!