2000 12 19 Some modifications to the HTML code to allow for differences between Netscape and Internet Explorer... Your humble webmaster always uses the former, but today - on a mad whim - he decided to check that all was well when viewed through IE. It wasn't, but the offending code has now been appropriately fixed. Hooray!

Now then... Following a couple of queries on the matter, I thought I'd add a quick note on the date format used in many places throughout this site (including this page): As this website is international, I long ago realised that if we were to use the US date format (month/day/year) it could be confusing to non-US viewers. Likewise, the European format (day/month/year) could be confusing to viewers in the US. Hence, I'm using the non-standard year/month/day format, because - let's face it - any other format is absurd... So on this site you'll find dates displayed with the most significant unit first, second most significant next, etc. It might seem odd at first, but you'll get used to it: after all, we express time as hours, minutes and seconds in that order...


2000 12 13 To simplify navigation through the bibliographical pages, we've added a bunch of little buttons to the top left of those pages dealing with books that are part of a series or trilogy: simply click on the '1' to go to the first book in the series, the '2' for the second, and so on. This extra service has been brought to you completely free of charge!


2000 10 09 The Official Harry Harrison Website is now one year old! Congratulatory messages should be sent (accompanied by a $20 bill for administration costs) to the usual address.


2000 10 04 We've joined Amazon.co.uk's Associates Program, so now - combined with our association with Amazon.com, you fine people should have no trouble tracking down Harry's books. This will be an on-going development, so if you're looking for a specific book and there's no link, please check back from time to time.
And don't forget - this site is entirely financed by yours truly, and any money that comes from Amazon will go towards keeping the site up and running. So please do us a favour: if you're planning on buying anything from Amazon, please visit our site first and click through to Amazon via the links on the title page! We need the traffic!


2000 09 21 As part of our revamping of the bibliography section, we've now split the "series" pages up: one page per book... This will mean faster load times, which is always a good thing. If you experience any problems related to this, please let us know. Further changes - some of which are pretty major - are on the way...


2000 09 12 Harry and Joan have just returned from Chicago where they were guests at Chicon 2000 (the 58th WorldCon). Harry has kindly sent us a great report on the convention, which you can find by clicking here.


2000 09 10 We've just joined Amazon.com's Associates Program... This means that you are now able to buy certain of Harry's books through this site, right from the bibliography pages! At the moment it's all experimental: we've only linked two books - Stars and Stripes Forever and Stars and Stripes in Peril - check them out and see what you think!
In the future, we hope to have as many of Harry's books as possible linked up - Amazon's Associates Program will pay us a small amount for each sale, and that money will be used to help keep this site up and running!


2000 08 11 Brian Ireland has put his excellent thesis "American dream or American nightmare?: SF as a mode of social commentary with particular reference to the work of Harry Harrison" on the web: Click here.


2000 07 31 Harry will be a guest at Chicon 2000, the 58th World Science Fiction Convention (Worldcon), which runs from 31st August to 4th September 2000.


2000 07 27 By far the most common query we get here at diGriz Towers goes along the lines of "How can I get Harry's autograph?" Well, now you can! Click here for a very special offer, exclusive to this website!


2000 07 24 Following the success of The Adventures of The Stainless Steel Rat (an omnibus comprising The SSR, The SSR's Revenge and The SSR Saves the World), another Rat omnibus will shortly go into production. This one will comprise of Jim's early adventures: A SSR is Born, The SSR Gets Drafted, and The SSR Sings the Blues. More news on this as we get it!


2000 07 24 Next year marks the fiftieth anniversary of the first publication of "Rock Diver", Harry's first short story. To commemorate this auspicious occasion, there will be a new collection of fifty of Harry's short stories... This huge book is currently going under the title of "50 for 50", though Harry says that may change. At the moment, the full contents list is top secret, but I'm allowed to tell you that there will be some stories there that have never before appeared in one of Harry's collections...


2000 07 14 Added a short chapter listing the comic book adaptations of Harry's books.


2000 07 06 Mike Simpson from SFX's excellent website has posted a brief interview with Harry about the Stainless Steel Rat movie: Click here to see the interview.


2000 07 04 Added a link to a great Russian website dedicated to Harry on the Links page.


2000 06 21 The paperback edition of The Stainless Steel Rat Joins the Circus has been scheduled for release in October. As soon as we get a more accurate date, we'll let you know.


2000 06 21 Just spotted that this site was listed as site of the day for Friday, October 15 on Seven Wonders ("spotlighting coolest sites on the Web since 1996").

We're also listed as one of Orbit's "Sites of Outstanding Electronic Beauty"


2000 06 16 We've been having some difficulties lately accessing our e-mail address (I'm sure many of you have noticed a distinct lack of replies...). Until further notice, we will be using your humble webmaster's personal e-mail address. Check the E-mail page for more details.


2000 06 15 We've been writing some software to help generate and maintain the bibliography pages, which is why there haven't been many changes lately. However, that's mostly finished so expect a major update to the bibliography in the next couple of weeks.
Lots of new cover images have been added in the past few weeks.


2000 06 14 Brace yourselves... The Stainless Steel Rat movie is GO!
It will be directed by Jan De Bont (Speed, Twister, The Haunting) from a script by Eric Blakeney (TV's acclaimed "Wiseguy" and the "Generation X" pilot). The news was reported in Variety and has been confirmed by Harry himself. Click here to see the full Variety article. De Bont is - of course - the "unnamed" director to whom Harry refers in the interview about the movie. Naturally, we'll be bringing you more movie news as it appears - so keep checking back!


2000 05 21 Harry Harrison underwent major heart surgery on 11th April 2000: the bypass surgery went well, and Harry returned home on 19th April and is now recuperating. We wish him a speedy recovery.


2000 05 21 The UK hardback edition of Stars and Stripes in Peril was published 6th April 2000 by Hodder & Stoughton, ISBN: 0340689196. Amazon.co.uk are listing the paperback edition due for publication 19th October 2000, ISBN: 034068920X.
The US edition, which will feature illustrations that do not appear in the UK edition, will be published by Del Rey in hardcover in October. ISBN: 0345409353. It wasn't listed on Amazon.com at the time of writing.


2000 03 12 Harry celebrated his 75th birthday on 12th of March. Your trusty webmasters visited Harry where he was Guest of Honour at Mecon in Belfast, and presented him with a book of congratulatory messages from some of his friends, family members and colleagues. You can view the web version of the book here.

At Mecon, Harry announced that next year - 2001 - he will publish a collection of fifty short stories to celebrate his fiftieth year as a professional writer. We will be releasing more news on this book in the coming months.

The UK edition of Stars and Stripes in Peril will be published next month (April 2000). Check your local specialist stores for possible signing sessions.

Harry returns to the UK later this week to begin work on the conclusion of the Stars and Stripes trilogy.


2000 02 25 We've just received the amazing cover for the Russian edition of The Stainless Steel Rat Joins the Circus. Click here to see the full-sized image.


2000 02 22 The webmaster for Mecon's website tells me he's having touble updating the site at the moment. You can find an alternative, more up-to-date site here. And speaking of Mecon, there are tentative plans at the moment for both your humble webmasters (Paul Tomlinson and Mike Carroll) to attend.


2000 02 15 The Stainless Steel Rat Joins the Circus is reviewed in this month's issue of SFX (March 2000): "... The result, in a typical Harrison fashion, is a snappily paced science fiction crime caper chock-full of a humour that never flags, and is always entertaining. Who needs heavyweight concept-laden SF when there's this much fun to be had?"


2000 02 04 Added a site map


2000 02 02 Added a queries page.
Started development of new look to website: added book and short story of the day, added all the book covers that we have to the bibliography (for books with multiple covers, a thumbnail version of each cover is shown: click on the thumbnails to display larger versions of the images).
2000 01 13 The December 16, 1999 issue of Nature published an article by Harry called "The Road to the Year 3000". It's a fictional article presented as though it was written on the eve of the fourth millennium.


2000 01 09 Added a bunch of links for Soylent Green.
Added a new Links page with connections to Brian Aldiss' and Leigh Taylor-Young's websites.


2000 01 03 Harry will be Guest of Honour at Mecon 2000, the Third Northern Ireland Science Fiction Convention, on 11th and 12th of March, 2000. Check the official Mecon website for details, or e-mail mecon2000@net.ntl.com. Alternatively, write to Convention Director, Mecon 2000, 24 Malton Court, Upper Malone Road, Belfast, N. Ireland, BT9 6HB


2000 01 03 Added bibliographic data for the London imprint of The Stainless Steel Rat Joins the Circus.