1999 12 14 Our intention was to have two new chapters up before Christmas: West of Eden and Deathworld, but we've not yet been able to gather all the necessary information for them, so we're holding them over into the New Year. Instead we have new chapters on Make Room! Make Room! and the movie based on it: Soylent Green.


1999 10 30 We now have an e-mail address! Contact us at hhweb@ireland.com with any queries, suggestions, ideas or anything else that takes your fancy! [Note: this address is now out of date!]


1999 10 29 Added a new cover image for The Stainless Steel Rat Joins the Circus.


1999 10 09 Website officially launched by Harry Harrison at Octocon 10, in Dun Laoghaire, Ireland.


1999 09 27 Corrected some spelling errors. Added corrected version of the Stars and Stripes interview.


1999 09 14 Added the updated short stories pages to the bibliography. Added the reviews information to the book pages. Added lots more cover images.


1999 09 11 Added the new, updated version of the bibliography (books only - short stories to come).


1999 09 01 The Stainless Steel Rat is listed as one of "SF's Top 10 Coolest Muthas" in SFX, issue 59 (October 1999).