Bill Sanderson
Bill is a world-renowned artist who illustrated the Eden trilogy, and of course created the stunning line-cut drawing of Harry for his 75th birthday celebrations.

2000AD Online
A good number of Harry Harrison fans discovered his work through the serialisation of The Stainless Steel Rat in 2000AD (your webmaster included). Now the excellent 2000AD website has been updated to include info on Slippery Jim and Harry himself.

The official Brian W. Aldiss website
An excellent, extremely comprehensive site dedicated to Harry's frequent co-editor and friend, Brian W. Aldiss

Marvin Minsky
Minsky's homepage contains a lot of fascinating information about artificial intelligence, plus chapters that were deleted from The Turing Option.

Leigh Taylor-Young's website
The Soylent Green star's own website, featuring a page dedicated to Soylent Green.

The Keith Parkinson Homepage
The official website for Keith Parkinson, the cover artist of Galactic Dreams.

Fantastic Fiction
A huge website with pages for almost every SF author you can think of:

Concatenation Web Edition
The on-line edition to the renowned organisation dedicated to bringing SF to the masses... and vice versa!

The Saint
A comprehensive website dedicated to Leslie Charteris' creation.

Fantastic Literature
The UK's biggest on line out-of-print science fiction, fantasy and horror genre bookshop! Fanzines, pulps and vintage paperbacks, with 16,000 out of print and rare books!